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leavesThe Customer is the centre of my world.


Sprouticus is dedicated to "delighting" customers.


Eat That Frog! A One Day Time Management, Personal Development, Unlocking Your Potential Workshop.

Hamilton - TBD - May 2018

Niagara - TBD - May 2018

Kitchener/Waterloo area - TBD - May 2018

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This One Day Workshop will develop your personal time management skills and enable you to succeed like never before. You will set your goals and write them down as your determine your own key success measures. We will explore your own personal diamond mine where you can assess where you are on a scale of key personal objectives you are looking to achieve. You will get into a mindset of zero-based thinking in terms of taking on new tasks. You have special talents that only you can offer but they need to be unlocked to be useful to you. We will explore 4 ways to change your life and understand what your critical constraints are. Its hard to believe but the answer to this complex challenge is simplicity and your ability to make decisions. This workshop will have you walk away with a plan on how to manage the rest of your life.

Included in this workshop are two follow-up sessions with a business coach to help you execute on the plans you will make at this session. Sign up now for the next available session.

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"Big Coach Pete" (founder of Sprouticus), has dedicated his professional career to changing the way people think about their customers and how the customer can become the centre of their attention, leading to win/win/win scenarios for all involved.  Culminating in his most recent book “The CEO's Guide to Marketing”, the work is dedicated to a simple premise – put the customer at the centre of the world and develop your go to market approach based on simple principles.

The only thing that matters is the customer.  What does the customer want, need, desire, and hate?  Getting intimate with your customer allows this to happen – if you know everything there is to know about them, you can put together a product, a service, an idea, that will “delight” the customer.  Delight the customer better than your competitor, and you will win.  The customer wins because they get what they need, and you win because your customer will then buy from you.  Win, win, win!

Click Here to see a video from Pete Sprukulis with the answer to every marketing question - Click here!

To this end, the Sprouticus group has a number of elements:

Coaching, Training and Facilitation Services

As a Certified Focal Point Coach, Pete brings his 30 years of experience coupled with the Focal Point Methodology from Brian Tracey to link up with the years of experience of the client who is an expert in their business to unlock opportunities for growth. Click here to see more detail on Sprouticus Business Coaching.

Fractional CMO/CSO Services

Sprouticus offers the ability to get hands-on advice on how to work with customers in both a strategic and day-to-day environment to take your product to market if that is what your business needs.

Training for Sales and Marketing Teams

For those who want to learn how to do this, rather than have us do it for you, we offer training and speaking engagements to get your groups up to speed and to enhance understanding of the importance of the customer and how to deal with them.

Marketing Consulting Services

On a project basis, Sprouticus can assist in virtually any marketing program from design to execution.