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Pete Sprukulis and his team

"Big Coach Pete" (founder of Sprouticus), has dedicated his professional career to changing the way people think about their customers and how the customer can become the centre of their attention, leading to win/win/win scenarios for all involved.  Culminating in his most recent book “The Scaling CEO's Field Guide to Marketing”, the work is dedicated to a simple premise – put the customer at the centre of the world and develop your go to market approach based on simple principles.

The only thing that matters is the customer.  What does the customer want, need, desire, and hate?  Getting intimate with your customer allows this to happen – if you know everything there is to know about them, you can put together a product, a service, an idea, that will “delight” the customer.  Delight the customer better than your competitor, and you will win.  The customer wins because they get what they need, and you win because your customer will then buy from you.  Win, win, win!

The Sprouticus Management Group is located in a suburb of beautiful Downtown Oakville Ontario on the shores of Lake Ontario.  It is a good place to start a revolution as no one will notice until customers are delighted and then everyone will take credit for the idea.

The Leader of the Sprouticus Management Group is Pete Sprukulis.  Pete has a BA from the University of Toronto at Victoria College and an MBA from the Joseph L. Rotman School of Business at the University of Toronto.  He has a career history which includes IBM, Oracle, Hummingbird Communications, Bid.Com International, Ontario Power Generation, Mosaic Energy Optics, PDQ auto.com, InfoTech Indaba, Avokia Incorporated, Bell Canada, First Canadian Title, Communitech, MaRS, and Haltech. 

To Contact Pete Sprukulis directly, please email pete@sprouticus.com

or call (416) 209-0129.