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leavesThe answer to every marketing question...it depends!


Consulting and Management Services

The Sprouticus Management Group is available to assist customers in putting together their own comprehensive go-to-market plans that will put the customer at the centre of their world.  Because this is based on common sense, likely every company has the capacity to figure this out of their own – what is needed is the coaching by the Sprouticus Management Group to guide the development.  The preferred route is buy teaching those who will deliver, do just that…deliver.

In cases where the skills are not there, and/or there are constraints on resources, the Sprouticus Management Group will offer to do it as an assignment.  The difference is that after the assignment, the Sprouticus Management Group will offer a service to implement the deliverable. 

As a final opportunity, the Sprouticus Management Group will act as the interim or part time Marketing leader to make sure program is implemented successfully. 

Consultants provide a deliverable, Sprouticus delivers results.

Mr. Sprukulis was once asked in an job interview, "Who would you most like to have dinner with and why?" Without missing a beat, Pete responded with Walt Disney. "Mr Disney is a hero of mine for a variety of reasons. He imagined a world where he could take his little girls on a Saturday to spend a little one on one time, and made that idea a reality. Today Disneyland and Disneyworld are arguably the top theme parks in the world and provide an outstanding experience for their guests (not customers, they call them guests), and they charge a heavy premium to do it. He proved people will pay for quality. I admire that, and I admire that he figured out a way to make money from that (lots of money)."

Mr. Disney put the customer first, and so do I. Figment is my favourite character from the Disney parks as he runs the Imagination Pavilion - "One little spark of inspiration, is at the heart of all creation, at the start of everything that's new, one little spark, lights up for you."

Sprouticus Consulting is about making things happen and using creativity to enable business. Ask us what we can do help you.